Waves+ CO2

Despite its compact size, Waves+ delivers impressive performance. Unlike ordinary bathroom fans, it will effectively remove polluted air even when there is higher resistance due to e.g. a longer ductwork. Moreover, Waves+ continuously monitors and reacts when needed. Besides moisture, Waves+ also measures VOC (e.g. sudden odours). In concrete terms: if you take a shower, the fan will work harder to remove the damp indoor air, moisture problems are solved! Ditto for odours from the toilet, deo, cooking or baking. Moreover, Waves+ also measures CO₂, a reliable indicator of air quality. How much air has already been exhaled? Waves+ solves it. Installation is very simple. Waves+ calibrates itself via the app: it measures the pressure drop in the pipe system and automatically adjusts the speed to achieve the right flow rate. Your installation is thus also immediately compliant. Moreover, the operation of Waves+ can be personalised via the app.
  • Demand-driven ventilation
  • Aesthetic integration
  • Energy-efficient fan
  • Minimal pressure loss due to the fine damper blade
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Retrofit possible