Solar shading: comfort guaranteed in all seasons

Natural daylight is essential to a healthy indoor climate for your living space. However, uncontrolled and excessive sunlight can disrupt the experience of comfort. Renson  solar shadings allows you to control the  sunlight and prevents the sun from reaching the glass. In this way, you can keep out the sun's heat during the warmer months and enjoy the sun in the autumn.  

Solar shading also reduces energy consumption, so there are plenty of benefits for your quality of life and work. 

External roller blinds

Renson’s external solar shading comes in many shapes and sizes. With external roller blinds or solar shading fabrics, you can actively regulate natural daylight. The system is discretely integrated and harmonises perfectly with any building style thanks to a wide choice of colours. Due to the transparency of the fabrics, the exterior view remains visible, even when the screen fabrics are lowered.  

Renson also offers an appropriate solar shading solution for horizontal windows, sliding windows and corner windows.  

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Architectural solar shading

Architectural solar protection offers you a double advantage: it provides control over the incidence of direct light and has a strong aesthetic appeal.

Architectural solar protection is structurally integrated into the exterior of your home so that both the design effect and the efficiency are timeless – regardless of the season, temperatures or (lack of) sunshine.

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Sliding panels

Sliding panels such as these are executed in various materials and give you the privacy desired.

Depending on the situation and your needs, you have the choice of no less than three different sliding systems: simple sliding (individual control), symmetrical sliding (two panels are interconnected) or telescopic sliding (two or more panels on a variety of bottom rails).

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