A healthy and comfortable indoor environment? Our mission!

A healthy and comfortable indoor environment? Our mission!

Creating a healthy and comfortable indoor environment has been the mission of our Belgian family business from the very beginning.

Hence our baseline is 'Creating healthy spaces': we want to create a comfortable and healthy living and working environment with sophisticated ventilation, sun protection and / or external solutions.

In homes, apartments, offices, schools and care institutions, we focus on sustainable total concepts. Comfort, energy efficiency, acoustics and aesthetics blend seamlessly together thanks to our innovative approach.

More than a century of pioneering work into healthy indoor environments

Renson started in 1909 purely as a manufacturing company but then started to focus more and more on its own research and innovation. The result, in 2018, is an internationally renowned and rapidly growing competent company that is constantly one step ahead of the game. 

We are very proud of our local roots and our production is 100 per cent based in Belgium. This also guarantees our customers the necessary flexibility – customisation is our strength – however, this does not compromise our international focus. Healthy ambitions that fit an organisation with the focus on a healthy and comfortable indoor environment!