15 Jan 2021
Het ventilatiesysteem C onderhoud is minder intensief dan het D+ systeem, omdat de ventilatie-unit geen filters bevat, die regelmatig moeten worden vervangen.
Healthy indoor air is essential if you want to live in a healthy home. Opening a window now and then helps, of course, but it doesn’t have any lasting effect. What your home really needs is a structural solution: a properly functioning mechanical ventilation system that extracts polluted air from indoors and automatically replaces it with fresh air from outside. And for ventilation systems to work properly, maintenance is essential. Whether you choose a D-system or the lower maintenance C-system, it will need occasional but regular cleaning to continue functioning as it should.
11 Dec 2020
The Renson Camargue is a patio cover with a louvred roof. The blades can be tilted.
A new year means new opportunities! Tell us, what are your good resolutions for 2021?Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people discovered the value of good health. Healthy living is not always easy, but it is definitely worth it. If, in 2021, you want to take another (i.e. healthy) course in your life, we can help you with our ventilation, sun protection, and outdoor solutions!
24 Mar 2020
We’re all tired of sitting around at home doing nothing, keeping well away from everyone else. And yes, we’re all looking forward to the end of the coronavirus (or should we be calling it COVID-19?) measures. Sadly, we’ll need to be patient a little longer, as the end is not quite in sight. To make your confinement a little more bearable, we’d like to share a few options and tips with you.
You can't see house dust mites, but you can feel their presence, mainly in the form of allergies such as eczema, coughs, blocked noses and asthma. These symptoms are frequently caused by these microscopically small creatures. House dust mites prefer to live in your mattress. So, when you settle down in bed for the night, spare a thought for the two million or so house dust mites under you. Whether you like it or not, you’re going on a date tonight with a dust mite.