03 Jun 2021
MVHR or Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery works on the principle of extracting and re-using waste heat to pre-warm and filter fresh air around the property. More than 95% of the waste heat can be recovered in this way… But are we focusing too much on the benefits of heat loss recovery and missing the significant drawbacks to long term sustainability.
03 Jun 2021
Ventilation strategy providence tower london
Research suggests that we spend around 90% of our time indoors. Critically, and often quite undetected, these are poorly ventilated spaces that are having an adverse effect on our health and our daily lives. No doubt indoor air-quality and the effect of these microscopic particles on our bodies is being put under the spotlight in the wake of the Global Pandemic. The COVID-19 virus will shape and leave its mark on our lives forever, the ‘new normal’ is being created before our eyes. This will not only affect our lives on a personal level but the future of architecture, the way we approach our living and working spaces. We must ensure that the health and wellbeing of the occupants is of paramount importance.
31 May 2021
Renson night cooling
Purge ventilation, is high-airflow, manually operated strategy, particular used in studio apartments and student residential buildings. Night-cooling refers to the use of natural ventilation at night in order to purge excess heat and cool the building. Using a night time ventilation strategy, occupants have the power to reduce peak daytime temperatures by 2° to 3°.
27 May 2021
Data Centres come in all shapes and sizes, these are where you will find critical network systems which are often the central location of companies IT operations. These massive structures cost Billions to build, needing to be as efficient as possible. With the rise of cloud-based computing has meant the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google heavily invest in servers to allow businesses to get the infrastructure they need without having their own data centre.
15 Jan 2021
Het ventilatiesysteem C onderhoud is minder intensief dan het D+ systeem, omdat de ventilatie-unit geen filters bevat, die regelmatig moeten worden vervangen.
Healthy indoor air is essential if you want to live in a healthy home. Opening a window now and then helps, of course, but it doesn’t have any lasting effect. What your home really needs is a structural solution: a properly functioning mechanical ventilation system that extracts polluted air from indoors and automatically replaces it with fresh air from outside. And for ventilation systems to work properly, maintenance is essential. Whether you choose a D-system or the lower maintenance C-system, it will need occasional but regular cleaning to continue functioning as it should.