Tuesday 02 June 2020

World Environment Day: Why we should rediscover nature

Man was once an outdoors man, living in and with nature, in the open air… now however, we spend 90% of our time indoors…Yet we still feel better when we’re outside, at the beach, in the forest, in our own garden... We experience a sense of wellbeing when we’re overwhelmed by nature. However, nowadays we spend 90% of our time in our homes, offices, schools, hospitals…

Challenges of the future

In the near future, our children and grandchildren will have to cope with challenges, such as overheating, indoor air pollution and over population even more than we have today. So isn’t it about time that we return to the  ‘core’, to make more use of what nature has to offer us? We firmly believe that natural solutions are the answer to those challenges. We should stop creating artificial ‘solutions’, when nature offers us all we need, because those artificial solutions just make problems worse and cause more harm to the environment and our planet.

Solar shading and ventilation: a cool and healthy home

E.g.: With our sun protection and intensive ventilation solutions combined we can keep your house cool in a natural way. We do not extract hot air from your house, which makes outdoor temperatures even hotter, we simply block the heat of the sun and cool down your house with fresh night air.

We do not realise that we are slowly poisoning ourselves in our well-insulated houses. However, with our energy-efficient smart ventilation systems we get those poisonous substances (called VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds) out of the indoor air and replace them directly with healthy, fresh outdoor air.


The need to live outdoors 

Our living spaces are slowly diminishing. Houses with no or small city gardens become the standard. So we have to find a way to keep our living spaces livable again. We need spaces where we can have me-time and where we can re-connect with our inner-selves and with nature surrounding us. That’s why we developped our patio covers so that we are able to live outdoors in all comfort, the whole year ‘round.


"Creating healthy spaces"

We aim to create healthy spaces in the most natural way possible. When we develop new products, we study the impact on nature. It is important that we should have respect for nature and for our environment. It’s about time that we realize what nature offers us, and use it in the most sustainable way. It’s events, such as the World Environment Day that are so important to our business. We all have to realize, that if we don’t act now, our children will suffer from our carelessness.