Tuesday 07 May 2019

Case study: Sleek yet authentic

This home in Belgium was not only due some renovations; it was also in need of an extension. The next generation of residents decided to completely renovate their parental home and add an additional space to it. They couldn’t bear to wipe the original, traditional farm-style house slate completely clean, so they found the perfect compromise between sleekness and authenticity.

The Feys brothers felt that their childhood home would be the ideal new location for their construction company’s offices. But instead of sacrificing the farm-style house to make room for a completely new building, they renovated it based on a perfect combination of traditional and modern elements. The home itself was completely stripped inside and opened up to attach a brand-new extension to it. As sleek and modern as the new extension is, the original ‘body’ of the home has been kept as authentic as possible. And, after a fresh coat of paint was applied to the original facing brick, it matches the new addition wonderfully.

Black and white provide the contrasting colours on the new part of the building. The white plasterwork combines beautifully not only with the black joinery but with the new Renson Linarte vertical façade cladding. The large windows – with the glass-on-glass corner window being an absolute eye-catcher – create a sense of openness and an abundance of light in the offices. To keep the temperature inside comfortable on hot days, the windows have also been provided with windproof external solar shading. These screens also contribute to the new section’s sleek look. Fabric boxes and side channels are hidden behind the plasterwork. Nothing of the view outside is lost, even with the screens down, through the glass-on-glass corner window.
After all, the Renson Panovista Max sunscreens zip together at the corner when left down, meaning there are no channels or cables visible in the corner.