Ventilation Strategies For Data Centres

27 May 2021

Data Centres come in all shapes and sizes, these are where you will find critical network systems which are often the central location of companies IT operations. These massive structures cost Billions to build, needing to be as efficient as possible. With the rise of cloud-based computing has meant the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google heavily invest in servers to allow businesses to get the infrastructure they need without having their own data centre. 

When thousands of servers are running constantly at the same time, they generate a lot of heat, meaning they require a ventilation system efficient enough to allow them to run at their most optimum. If the servers are too hot or even too cold. They may not operate correctly and may end up costing more money. Not only does the air temperature need to be monitored, but humidity and harmful particles can also wreak havoc on servers. 

Renson have a range of products that allow natural ventilation, whilst offering a visual deflection from sight. This is just as important, these data centres are not for the public eye and often kept as private as they can.  

Our specially designed louvre systems can be positioned in Crac Corridors offering two purposes, firstly to allow large volume air transfer from CRAC Units (Computer Room Air Conditioning unit), and 2nd to offer a visual deflection from the public eye. CRAC units are used to take in hot air and expelling cold air out. CRAC can control humidity and so mitigate moisture damage to sensitive IT systems.  CRACs are designed to be precision managed and aligned to cope with the specific requirements of an IT infrastructure environment.