D+ ventilation system
Demand-controlled balanced ventilation with heat recovery

This system combines mechanical supply and demand-controlled mechanical air discharge with a heat exchanger. This heat exchanger extracts the heat from the discharged (polluted) indoor air to preheat the freshly supplied (colder) air. Using this method, the energy consumption of the continuous ventilation system is offset by a considerable saving on heating costs. In order for this ventilation system to function correctly, it is important that it is perfectly balanced. That is why this particular ventilation system is also called balanced ventilation.

Faster return on investment

The D+ ventilation system recovers heat from the discharged polluted air to give the cold outside air a 'heat boost'. In contrast with the C+ ventilation system, a balanced ventilation system does not work per zone internally, but the ventilation level of the entire house is the same. With a fully mechanical system like this one, it is also very important for proper (and healthy!) operation that it is maintained at the specified times and filters are cleaned and replaced in time.

Endura Delta: Renson's D+ ventilation system

Of course, the Renson ventilation specialist also has a solution for D+ systems that offers more than other, similar D systems. Endura Delta, with two fans for the supply and discharge of air, works with detectors in the extraction unit, based on continuous measurements these determine the intensity of the ventilation in the house. Working this way, the demand management is perfectly tailored to your needs and those of your housemates. In addition, Endura Delta is operated via a convenient app.



Intelligent ventilation in your home?

Would you like to know more about the D+ ventilation system or the advantages of C+ or E+ systems? On our website you will find a lot of information. Of course, you can also contact us with your specific question.


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