​Smart ventilation tailored to your lifestyle

Healthbox 3.0 is part of Renson’s C+ system. Fresh air is supplied in dry rooms via the discrete Invisivent window ventilation. The polluted air is removed in a smart way through Healthbox 3.0. The built-in central sensors continuously monitor the moisture level, CO2 and/or VOC (volatile organic substances or 'odors'). When the air quality in a certain space decreases, Healthbox 3.0 immediately adjusts. Are you taking a shower? Then Healthbox 3.0 delivers extra air in the bathroom. At night, Healthbox ensures healthy air in the bedroom. But what when nobody is at home? Then your Healthbox will not waste unnecessary energy and will not ventilate extra.

A constant insight into the air quality in your home

When you open the app you can see the air quality in your home at a glance based on the background color. The recent activities of Healthbox 3.0 are clearly displayed. After a shower or a night's sleep, you can read the temporarily increased ventilation level on the graph. You can also click through to a specific section where you will receive up-to-date information on the ventilation levels regarding moisture content, CO2 and/or VOC.

Customize your ventilation

By default, Healthbox 3.0 ventilates according to the 'Health' profile. This profile ensures healthy indoor air and is energy-efficient due to the demand-driven ventilation method. For example, for a nursery, you can opt for the 'Intense' profile. This profile will allow faster discharge of polluted air through an increased level of ventilation.

With the 'Eco' profile, priority is given to the energy-efficient aspect and the polluted air is removed over a long period of time with a lower level of ventilation. Do you wish to intervene manually? Increase or decrease the ventilation level easily via the app.

The quietest ventilation system on the market

Healthbox 3.0 is equipped with a new, energy-efficient and silent fan. As the ventilation specialist, Renson offers all components needed for a flawless installation: Easyflex air ducts, Acoudec acoustic damping connection and a designed roof duct.

These components are perfectly matched and together ensure that Healthbox 3.0 is the quietest ventilation system on the market!

Compact and high-quality design

Healthbox 3.0 is compact and light, which makes the system suitable for both new construction and renovation.

Up to 11 rooms can be connected to the ventilation system.

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Please note, if you want window ventilation on your existing windows, only a ventilation grille can be provided above the glass.
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