Keeping homes cool since 2005

The vertical sun protection Fixscreen® was developed by Renson® and in 2005 it was the first screen in the world to be truly windproof (guarantee of wind resistance up to 130 km/h). Thanks to an ingenious zip system, the fabric is windproof in any position and insect proof in the closed position. This ensures that the entire structure is held firmly in place by the two side guiding channels.

Eye for design

RENSON believes in high quality design. With an extensive choice of colours for the fabric and the aluminium parts, a discreet integration in your facade and a wrinkle-free fabric, the fabric sun protection forms one whole with your home. In addition, the Fixscreen can also be perfectly combined with our unique corner window solutions (Panovista (Max)).

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Optimal comfort in your home

Screens not only ensure a comfortable indoor climate in the house but also prevent annoying reflections or glare. Thanks to combinations with acoustics and ventilation, RENSON® meets everyone's needs. For extra comfort, your screen can be fully automated, so the system always ensures an optimal temperature even when you are not at home. 

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Innovative smooth technology

The guide system (Smooth technology) ensures even better wind resistance and extremely smooth, durable and low-noise operation of your screens. Thanks to perfect installation by an authorised dealer and the best guarantee on the market, you can enjoy your sun protection for years without worries.

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