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Vertical sunscreens block direct light from entering, both for standard windows, corner windows, glass-on-glass windows, as well as free-standing applications. Our revolutionary Fixscreen technology guarantees an extremely windproof and insect proof screen that can also handle very large areas of up to 22 m². Windproof vertical sunscreens are extremely suitable for both new construction and renovation.

Fixscreen: keeping homes cool since 2005

In 2005 Renson launched the first windproof sunscreens i.e. the Fixscreen, with a guaranteed wind resistance of up to 130 km/h. The stylish design and the wide choice of sun protection screens make the Fixscreen a technological masterpiece in terms of comfort, ease of use and aesthetics. The Fixscreen can be used in private housing, office buildings or project construction. What's more, the Fixscreen always guarantees a tight cloth, no matter what the weather conditions. 

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Fixscreen Minimal: minimum impact, maximum possibilities

As a pioneer in the field of windproof screensup to 130 km/h, Renson® raises the bar even higher with the Fixscreen Minimal. The ultimate goal is to see as little as possible of the fabric box and side guiding channels during renovation, post-installation and new buildings as well. That's why every part, every detail of the Fixscreen sun protection was scrutinised: box, side guiding channels, fabric roller barrel, dimensions, fabric tension, ... The result: minimal dimensions and a high-end design that make a subtle installation possible.


Discover the Fixscreen Minimal

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