Slidefix - Single system

RENSON, trendsetter in sun protection, follows the trends in the architecture on foot. 'Invisible architecture' is a new trend, which fits within the need for minimalism. The Slide fix is also compatible with the evolution to 'Invisible architecture'. This new development where the screen slides open to the side is the ideal, windproof solution for large openings, sliding windows and corner solutions. The sidewards sliding sun protection follows the movement of the sliding window. A logic movement that results in a much simpler ease of use. The sideward movement also increases the flexibility to the use of the area and the need for sun protection. Sustainable design that ensures easy maintenance, perfect water outlet or invisible integration in the building shell. Can be combined perfectly with other RENSON screens.
  • Dimensions up to 12 m²
  • Perfect for sliding/sash windows
  • Can be aesthetically integrated in building envelope
  • Can be combined with other Renson screens
  • Laterally sliding sun protection screens
  • Durable design