Invisivent COMFORT Ultra

The Invisivent Comfort delivers the ultimate comfort in natural ventilation, both on energetic, acoustic and thermal comfort. In addition, this windowvent is even better matched to the smart Healthbox 3.0, which guarantees optimum indoor air quality at all times. The Invisivent Comfort is always being combined with an extraction point in the same room (Healthbox 3.0 Smartzone configuration), thus limiting the loss of energy and uncontrolled ventilation even more. The Invisivent COMFORT range guarantees a fast installation (monobloc principle), high stability on the window and a totally airtight finish.
Product Variants
  • Aesthetic window profile solution
  • With thermal break
  • Integrated, replaceable acoustic foam
  • Optional High-Rise version
  • I-flux
  • Insect-proof
  • Burglar-resistant
  • Ultra-high sound damping: 42 (0;-2) dB