Panovista (Max) Tech advanced Online

Śr 27 października 2021
09:00 - 12:00
IZ 2 Vijverdam
8790 Waregem

Target audience

Technical team, installers, service technicians


Panovista Max


This training course focuses on the Panovista Max:
  • You will discover our solutions for structural glazing
  • You will recognise the differences between the order measurement and the actual installation measurement for the Panovista Max
  • You will understand the on-site preparation for Panovista Max
  • You will understand how to properly install the Panovista Max
  • You will learn to assemble or dismantle a Panovista Max yourself
  • You will learn the correct assembly for the fabric roller barrel
  • You will learn how to install the corner system
  • You will learn how to assemble the zipper system
  • You will know how a motor or fabric replacement needs to be handled for a Panovista Max
  • You are familiar with the terms and conditions of a Panovista Max delivery contract
  • You know the content of the required annual maintenance of the Panovista Max

Required knowledge:

Yes (installation of screens and adjusting of radio controlled motors)

This is an online training via Microsoft Teams.
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