Fixscreen 150 M7B F

The vertical sun protection Fixscreenᆴ was developed by door RensonᆴSun protection-Screens and it is the first screen in the world, that is truly wind-resistant. Thanks to an ingenious zip system, the screen is windproof in all directions and the screen serves as an inspect repellent when closed. It is a simple principle where the sun protecting screen has a special edge with a zip. This way it is solidly included in both side conductors. The patented Connect&Go card with Fixscreen 100 guarantees a fast, safe assembly and disassembly of the screen package.
Warianty produktów
  • OsÅ‚ona przeciwsÅ‚oneczna odporna na wiatr
  • Wolno stojÄ…ce, bez okna z tyÅ‚u
  • Rozmiary do 16,8 m²
  • Kompleksowa umowa gwarancyjna
  • Roleta z tkaniny zdejmowana od doÅ‚u
  • Gwarancja odpornoÅ›ci na wiatr do 130 km/h
  • PÅ‚ynne, ciche i dÅ‚ugotrwaÅ‚e dziaÅ‚anie
  • TrwaÅ‚a konstrukcja
  • Kaseta niewidoczna