Fixscreen 100 Solar

With the Fixscreen 100Solar, Renson® has developed a wind-resistant, surface-mounted screen on solar energy. A solar cell mounted on the front of the box ensures autonomous control of the screen and therefore does not require any electrical cabling. Therefore, these wind-resistant screens can be easily mounted to your window without any demolition work being required for electrical work. This makes the Fixscreen 100Solar the perfect renovation solution, whereby a maximum surface area of up to 10.8 m² can be achieved. This dynamic sun protection also ensures that during summer the indoor temperatures are kept under control and therefore remain comfortable, while still being able to enjoy your solar gains to the utmost during winter. How does this screen work? The solar cell collects sunlight and transforms it into energy to charge the battery. Even on a less sunny day, the screen will still be able to work thanks to the energy which has been stored in the battery. However, the solar cell needs to be easily accessible for sunlight. The application area of the Fixscreen 100Solar depends on geographical location and the common weather conditions.
  • Kompleksowa umowa gwarancyjna
  • Kaseta - profil prostokÄ…tny
  • Gwarancja odpornoÅ›ci na wiatr do 130 km/h
  • PÅ‚ynne, ciche i dÅ‚ugotrwaÅ‚e dziaÅ‚anie
  • Rewolucyjne napinanie
Vertical, windproof sunprotection, with solar cell
  • Montaż na powierzchni zewnÄ™trznej przed oknem
  • Z ogniwem fotowoltaicznym
  • DoskonaÅ‚a do dotychczasowych okien
  • Łatwy i szybki montaż
Surface mounted sun protection with solar cell
  • Z ogniwem fotowoltaicznym
  • Szybki, bezpieczny i Å‚atwy montaż
  • DoskonaÅ‚a do dotychczasowych okien
  • Rozmiary do 10 m²