Fixscreen Minimal Curtain Wall 50

Curtain wall façades are becoming increasingly more common in contemporary architecture, and are not only found in commercial buildings but in residential buildings as well. However, the existence of such large glass panes should also not reduce the level of comfort in the interior of the house. Thus although adequate daylight offers many advantages, external solar shading is also required to control the internal temperature in the house. With its minimalist look, the Fixscreen Minimal CW50 also aligns seamlessly with the design of curtain walls. This unique solution takes the thermal expansion into account and is therefore Infinitely linkable. In addition, central fixing through the side guiding channel of only 50 is also possible.
  • Dyskretna zabudowa
  • Kompleksowa umowa gwarancyjna
  • Roleta z tkaniny zdejmowana od doÅ‚u
  • Gwarancja odpornoÅ›ci na wiatr do 130 km/h
  • usp_199
  • Idealne do Å›cian osÅ‚onowych