Invisivent COMFORT HR Ultra

The Invisivent Comfort delivers the ultimate comfort in natural ventilation, both on energetic, acoustic and thermal comfort. The Invisivent Comfort is always being combined with an extraction point in the same room (Healthbox 3.0 Smartzone configuration), thus limiting the loss of energy and uncontrolled ventilation even more. The “High Rise” (HR) version is the ideal solution for wind-impacted applications such as high-rise buildings and apartment buildings on the coast. The HR version is available in 3 different sound damping levels (Basic, High or Ultra). The invisivent Comfort HR Ultra guarantees a sound damping level of 42 (0;-2) dB.
  • Estetyczny profil okna
  • Odporność na silny wiatr
  • Z przerwą termiczną
  • Zabudowana wymienna pianka tłumiąca hałas
  • I-flux
  • Ochrona przed włamaniem
  • Zatrzymuje owady
  • Bardzo wysokie tłumienie hałasu: 42 (0;-2) dB