Word jij onze nieuwe Inside Sales Manager?


Working @ Renson is about innovation, internationalization and healthy entrepreneurship.
Joining the Renson winning team is not just a career, it’s a lifetime opportunity.
Be part of the new way of generating sales and build relations with our customers worldwide, helping them to develop mutual business.
With the advancement in technology and expansion of digital age, the role of the inside sales changes profoundly and will be crucial to generate revenues.
As an Inside Sales Manager, you will develop, guide and implement the changes needed.
You are the leader and the glue that holds the sales team together. By monitoring sales metrics, leading and growing the sales teams and managing the entire sales process, you are able to build a high-performance sales team to ensure customer satisfaction. You work on a corporate level, where you can generate impact through the entire organization.


  • You are the Leader
  • One of your main responsibilities is to oversee the inside sales staff. This includes hiring, training, motivating and providing ongoing professional development opportunities for the inside sales team. Build a winning team, you encourage 8 direct reports and 30 indirect reports.
  • You set and monitor Sales Goals
  • You present weekly, monthly and/or quarterly sales goals (KPI’s) for the inside sales team. You monitor actual sales and sales leads, keep track of sales and generate reports that cover sales forecasting, goals and results.
  • You develop customers
  • You and your team develop relationships with existing and new customers. You rely on customer feedback to ensure the success and to make improvements.
  • Together with the customer development coordinator, you act as the architect of change, leading to an internal organization that generates revenues.
  • You enable Improvement
  • You measure the performance of your team and determine if existing practices and processes are generating adequate sales and customer satisfaction. You suggest improvements to sales processes as needed, implement adjustment procedures and monitor their impact over a determined period of time. For this you can rely on the support of the sales operations coordinator.
  • You report to the Chief Commercial Officer.


  • You demonstrate a high level of professional and intellectual ability.
  • You easily understand the customer’s needs and you are an active listener with strong communication skills.
  • You have great conceptual, analytical and organizational skills. You are able to make a realistic though challenging no-nonsense A4-plan and you have the ability to translate a strategic plan into an operationally adequate workflow.
  • You are a solid, charismatic and seasoned leader with a clear focus on teambuilding in a change environment. You are good at working with a diverse group of people.
  • You have an operational knowledge of Dutch, English and French. (Knowledge of German is an added value)


  • A dynamic and challenging multicultural work environment, where your efforts, dedication and initiative are rewarded by a competitive compensation package
  • Being part of a motivated team in which competence and quality play an important role.
  • Enhancing personal growth and a real opportunity to invest in your future through on the job development and training.