Word jij onze nieuwe IoT Cloud Architect?


Creating Healthy spaces has been Renson’s baseline for the past decade. As a next step to achieve our ambition, we are continuously updating our products to become connected smart devices. To enable the further growth of our R&D IoT Infrastructure Team, Renson is looking for an Internet of Things Cloud Architect to strengthen our R&D team for IoT. 
As IoT Cloud Architect, you will be considered the main expert on the topic of cloud architecture, security, scalability and stability. More specifically, your job will involve the following tasks:

  • Analyze the requirements obtained from the internal customers and R&D manager IoT. Understand the needs of the involved stakeholders and design a solution that satisfies the requirements. Translate the suggested solution in a cloud architecture plan and eventually a list of development tasks (documentation, software implementation and software release).
  • You estimate the workload of development tasks.
  • You propose specific technical solutions to tackle challenges w.r.t. cloud infrastructure including security, scaling and QA aspects (recommendation + alternatives) to your functional and operational manager, team and architecture guild.
  • You write the required documentation for selected solutions and present them to the developers.
  • You are the first point of contact within Renson R&D to discuss cloud security and quality assurance of our cloud solutions.
  • You monitor the execution of the selected solution and coach other developers to make sure these follow the designs (e.g. code review, test and documentation, …).
  • You set guidelines for good practices in collaboration with the azure and architecture guilds and propagate these within Renson (e.g. monitoring, security guidelines, test strategies, …).
  • You coordinate with external parties that contribute to IoT applications w.r.t. technical issues.
  • You will deploy cloud infrastructure from development environments to staging and production environments by setting up and using CI/CD procedures and tools.
  • You contribute to Renson’s innovations by supporting connected products and their surrounding functionality for our customers and partners.
  • You contribute to secure our integrated Smart Home concepts as well as help us excel at customer service by applying QA best practices. 

Renson has moved all their IoT infrastructure to the Azure public cloud. Using Terraform and Azure pipelines, we deploy our solutions using a DevOps and CI/CD approach. The application stack is C#, Python and Typescript.


  • You have up to date knowledge of security standards, practices and guidelines
  • You have strong skills in critical thinking and are interested in details
  • You are a team player: collaboration, oral and written communication
  • You are focused on quality and have an extremely low tolerance for defects
  • You can design scalable cloud solutions that are air-tight
  • You are resilient and do not compromise on security
  • Useful knowledge: 
    •  Azure Services 
    • Git source control
    • Terraform
    • Python
    • Experience with Kubernetes is a plus


  • Renson IoT puts you at the cutting edge of smart home development. The IoT team is embedded in the R&D department for Digital Innovation, a growing group of dynamic people with a bright future. 
  • Renson IoT provides unique opportunities to its team members to implement our Smart Home vision "Creating Healthy Spaces".