Dear Customer,

In order to provide your customers with the best possible service, you can count on an efficient, transparent, and clear partnership with Renson as supplier/manufacturer. That’s the way it should be! Which is why we’re always looking for ways make your life easier. We’ll soon be shifting up a gear for just that reason, including with the launch of a number of new tools. It’s a matter of being able to grow together and emphasise the right things. Of course, you will be kept informed every step of the way and supported where necessary.

Because although it may not always be easy, we believe that working together more simply and efficiently starts with transparency from ordering and prices to transport and delivery. But also in terms of communication, service, and support. Newsletters keep you informed about what each step of this will mean for you specifically.

In the meantime, we invite you to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What problem do they want to solve in order to be able to live a healthy and comfortable life; what dreams do they want to achieve; how do they want to make the most of the time they spend inside and outside; or how do they want to upgrade their house or garden? And so on. You will probably recognise where you can help your (potential) customers with the right Renson solutions.

And that’s what it’s all about: ‘Creating Healthy Spaces’ isn’t just a bunch of empty words, but rather, a mission that you can accomplish together with us. By listening to what builders, renovators, homeowners, and residents are looking for because everyone is entitled to be healthy and comfortable at home, at work, at school, while relaxing, etc. because…

Have we hit the limits of our own abilities one too many times? Ignored nature’s warnings for too long? It’s time to get back to nature in the way we interact, live, work, and relax.

Now, we spend 90% of our time indoors, on average. Our contact with nature is further away than ever. However, nature is right there in front of us, so let’s make the most of it!

It’s one that should hover between the artificial and the natural. It’s all about being fit, healthy, and mentally strong in order to cope with our busy lifestyles. Time to reinvent our lives!

And to appreciate once again what it has to offer us: fresh air, sunlight, oxygen, and greenery. It has a positive impact on our development, recovery, sleep, health, and well-being.

It’s time for indoor and outdoor life to merge, to introduce nature back into our homes, our offices, and our cities. Natural daylight, breathing indoors like outdoors, optimal sleeping comfort, the right temperature at the right time, etc.

• With natural ventilation based on fresh outside air
• By using intensive night ventilation and sun protection efficiently in the fight against overheating
• Thanks to smart control of temperature, air quality, acoustics, and light for a healthy night’s sleep
• With maximum amount of daylight for a positive impact on your well-being, health, and productivity
• By offering you the best outdoor living conditions in all seasons and weather conditions