Customise natural daylight with Topfix VMS

The external roller blind Topfix VMS is the perfect complement to the Velux® Modular skylights. Topfix VMS allows to control natural daylight at all time. This external roller blind is the most efficient solution to prevent overheating because it blocks the sun rays before they can warm the interior of a building. On the other hand it allows natural daylight to come in without filtering it when desired. Topfix VMS will also avoid glare in TV or computer screens.

Energy friendly control of daylight and temperatures

A skylight allows you to enjoy natural daylight optimally. Because of these windows, it  can get hot indoors on warm days. An efficient way to prevent this is to stop the sun’s rays before they reach the glass. Topfix VMS will counteract overheating without using lots of energy. This avoids the need of active cooling which is very energy consuming. With Topfix VMS roller blinds you can continue to enjoy the sun's warmth the time of year when it is most convenient and desired.
This type of external solar shading not only provides thermal comfort, but also visual comfort: there are no more annoying reflections or discoloration of furniture and interior decoration due to the sun’s rays. 

Approved solution by Velux

The combination of the Velux® Modular Skylights and the Renson Topfix VMS is an officially recognized solution by Velux®. The Topfix VMS can be used with both the fixed and moveable modules e.g. with special mounting feet, enabling a perfect installation onto the VELUX® Modular Skylights. Through a by VELUX® approved protocol, that needs to be integrated in the building management system the combined function between the VELUX® Modular skylights and Topfix VMS is assured.

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Windproof and durable solution

Topfix VMS can rely on the Fixscreen technology from Renson. This revolutionary tension technique results not only in a tight fabric but also a very high wind resistance up to 120 km/h. Topfix VMS is a durable solar shading solution for hospitals, nursing homes, offices, schools, atriums, shopping centres, etc.


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