Minimal impact, maximum possibilities

The Fixscreen Minimal is the perfect solution if you don't want to compromise on the sleek and modern look and feel of your home. With side guiding channels only 2 cm wide and even slimmer fabric boxes, they barely stand out, while you can enjoy pleasant indoor temperatures all year round thanks to the windproof Fixscreen Minimal.

The ultimate goal is to see as little as possible of the fabric box and side guiding channels during renovation, post-installation and new buildings.

Minimal impact on architecture

Thanks to its smaller fabric box and 2cm side channel, the Fixscreen Minimal can be mounted discretely in front of the window. The box's sleek lines and Square design keep the impact on the architecture to a minimum, which can certainly be a decisive factor when renovating or refurbishing.

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Minimalist design with an eye for detail

The Fixscreen Minimal takes design very seriously, right down to the smallest details. In this way, the side channel clicks together so that screws are not visible anywhere. The tight fabric tension is achieved by the way the fabric is processed in the Fixscreen Minimal. The weighted bottom bar and the aluminium PVC side channel together ensure a balanced distribution of tension.

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High-end technology

The Fixscreen Minimal is the result of a clever piece of Renson technology. For example, the well-known Connect&Go technology was completely reworked and renewed to make it even more robust. The fabric roller barrel can now also be screwlessly clicked into the box. Both result in a quick, safe and easy assembly and disassembly of the entire fabric set. The bottom bar - uniform for the entire Fixscreen Minimal fabric sun protection range - has also been reworked and provided with a recessed detail making it easy to (dis)assemble. All this without sacrificing the well-known, high Renson guarantees.

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