The Renson Algarve is an exceptionally versatile patio cover. It can be attached to the facade or freestanding. You can even connect various canopies to each other. Do you live in a contemporary, classic or modern style home? The Renson Algarve comes in many color combinations and the unique Classic Line has decorative frames and extra ornamentation which means the canopy always blends in with the style of your home and garden. You can rotate the louvered roof of the Renson Algarve by up to 150°. In this way, you can constantly adjust the solar shading and ventilation to suit your needs at any moment of the day. The louvered roof is fully waterproof when closed. Once the rain has passed, the water will have drained away in a controlled manner via the integrated drainage channels. There are numerous side elements and options to choose from which will turn your patio cover into a cozy cocoon. You can choose attractive outdoor curtains or opt for a Fixscreen sun and wind resistant screen with a Crystal window to maximize the view of your garden. Incorporate a music or heating system and your Renson Algarve will become your favorite place to relax!
  • Can withstand heavy snow
  • Precision custom work
  • Superior quality