Screens and night cooling for a wonderfully cool house

Would you like to avoid that unbearable heat and enjoy a cool house throughout summer? You can do this in an energy-efficient and sustainable manner thanks to the combination of screens and night cooling. Discover how you can arrive home to a wonderfully cool house with these solutions.

Keep the heat out with screens

Outdoor Solar shading such as screens keep the sun’s heat out by providing protection from the sun. They ensure that your windows do not inadvertently turn into huge radiators in the summer. Screens keep the heat out much better than indoor solar shading. When screens are lowered, they can reduce temperatures by up to 10 degrees.
The screens are made from a transparent fabric which also means that you keep your view outdoors and do not feel enclosed. There’s no need to worry about whether these screens will match your home either. We have a wide range of screens in many colours and we are sure you will find a solution to suit your taste. There is even an option for anyone who does not have an electricity supply. Our solar-powered screen makes it easy to keep your home cool without any major work.

Nightcooling: refresh your house with cool air

Whereas screens contribute to keeping your home cool during the day, night cooling mainly comes into its own at night. How does it work? Opening the nightcooling louvres lets you ventilate your home more intensively with cooler outdoor air. It’s best to fit two or more louvres if you want to cool your home rapidly. Night cooling expels the warm air inside your house and together with the screens ensures that your home stays nice and cool the following day. Night cooling grilles are finished on the outside of your house with aluminium louvres and an insect mesh. In contrast to an open window, night cooling allows you to intensively ventilate your house both at night and during the day and keep intruders out. This can reduce the temperature by 5 degrees.

Make a conscious choice for an energy-efficient and sustainable solution to cool your home

At Renson, we are convinced that we should search for natural and sustainable solutions to keep our homes cool. Furthermore, a solution such as air-conditioning will only add to climate warming due to excessive energy consumption. This means that by keeping the heat outside and using free fresh night air to cool your home you not only benefit yourself. You are also helping our planet. 

See the effect of solar shading and nightcooling in this video

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