Vertical Sunprotection Install Advanced

Tue 27 September 2022
09:00 - 16:00
RENSON Academy
Grote Leiestraat 207
8570 Anzegem

Traffic nuisance due to road works until fall 2022 for RENSON Academy in Anzegem.

Target audience

Technical team, installers, service technicians


Fixscreen standard product range, Fixscreen Solar, Fixscreen Minimal, Fixscreen/Fixvent Mono AK (on demand)


This training course focuses on the Fixscreen (Minimal) surface mounted and built-in installation methods, Fixscreen/Fixvent Mono AK
  • You will discover our solutions for new construction and renovation projects
  • You will understand the impact of sunprotection roller blinds on living and home comfort
  • You will be able to decide which installation method you can use for your type of project
  • You will recognize the differences between the order measurement and the actual installation measurement
  • You will understand the on-site preparation for the Fixscreen (Minimal) range, Fixscreen/ Fixvent Mono AK
  • You will learn how to assemble and dismantle a Fixscreen surface mounted system and built-in system yourself (top mounting on request)
  • You will learn how to assemble and dismantle a Fixscreen Minimal surface mounted system and built-in system yourself
  • You will understand how to properly secure the products for the Fixscreen (Minimal) range
  • You will learn how a motor or fabric is changed
  • You will learn the maintenance instructions for the Fixscreen products
We strongly recommend that you also register for the installer training advanced: "automation of sunprotection roller blinds installer training". In this way we will be able to ensure the smooth running of the entire installation.

Required knowledge:

Yes (end point setting of motors for external fabric roller blinds)