Release 2.1.0 (10/04/2024)

  • Integration of Healthbox 3.0 SmartDetect configuration; device designation is done with 'Central CO2'.
  • Integration of Flux+ 370 Flat
  • The installation app provides access to the service page of the Healthbox 3.0 or Flux+ device. Handy to use for example after installation or when servicing a device.
    How to?
    There are 2 ways: 
    1. At device startup:
      Immediately after completing the calibration, the action "Service page" is added. Select the action.
    2. When a device was already started up:
      Connect the installation app to a Healthbox 3.0 or Flux+ device. Go to the menu and select "Connected device. Then select the "Service page" action.