Product update Healthbox 3.0

The installation app will inform you about updates, interesting tips and facts from now on.

Up to now, only a CO2 control was active in the bedroom and kitchen control module. A humidity control has also been activated in addition to the CO2 control.

What has changed in the installation app?

  • The update will occur directly in the software of the Healthbox 3.0 fan units manufactured after 18/01/2020. A Healthbox 3.0 fan unit that was manufactured before this date will automatically update when it connects to the installation app (updates via the app take approx. 40 seconds).
  • The activation of humidity control in the corresponding control modules will be implemented automatically when the device is started up.

Display in the installation app

  • a. Control module kitchen
    No visual change
  • b. Control module bedroom
    An extra subtype has been defined, to be selected for the new application domain:

If errors occur during the installation process, the installation app will suggest possible solutions. The app warns you if the desired nominal extraction flow rate likely will not be reached in a room. This message has been made more accurate, and it is complemented with a target value for the maximum rate to be achieved in the set up for that room.

A message (code 10999) will also warn if Healthbox 3.0 experiences hindrance when extracting air outdoors, resulting in the desired nominal extraction flow rate likely not being reached in one (or more) rooms. If applicable, the warning will appear automatically during the installation process.

An overview list of all warnings/error messages can be found in the ‘Support’ menu of the installation app.

With a Renson roof or wall transit, you always make the right choice for extracting air with as little hindrance as possible:

Connecting Healthbox 3.0 to the Wi-Fi network now works even if Healthbox 3.0 is not calibrated yet.

Connect the device to the installation app then choose ‘Connected device’ in the menu.

  • After the calibration of Healthbox 3.0, you can check whether it is connected to the correct control module per room in the home. You do this by pressing the test button; this results in the ventilation flow for the room (control module) in question becoming exceptionally high temporarily. The noise produced by the ventilation flow allows the system to identify the room in question. The reaction time between pressing the button and the reaction of the control module is faster now.
  • After completing an installation, synchronisation with the My-Lio professional web portal will occur faster (up to max 1 minute).

The layout of the installation app has been adjusted slightly. Here is a list of the most important changes:

  • Side menu:
    the division of installations and projects is applied exactly as in the My-Lio professional web portal.
  • Calibration finished screen;
    It is clearer that the installation data can be consulted.
    The ‘measurements’ button is now called ‘Flow Rate’ and is transparent. The functionality remains identical. When opening this screen, Healthbox 3.0 switches to the nominal position (C-mode) more quickly.

When you are logged in, the installation data is now logged in the installation app. That way, you can use the installation app to read out the installation data of the installations you initiated. Select the installation from the overview then choose ‘View data’. + figure under the table

During the first quarter of 2021, Healthbox 3.0 will be equipped with a new Wi-Fi dongle. The new dongle has the same functionalities as its predecessor but is larger and a bit sturdier.

The FAQs, which are found in the ‘Support’ menu, have been expanded.