Healthbox 3.0 has two types of control modules available for bathroom extraction:

  • Bathroom control module without toilet: moisture detection
  • Bathroom control module with toilet: moisture and odour detection

This occasionally leads to confusion on the part of installers who aren’t sufficiently familiar with the product yet. And that’s why the sticker on the stepper motor has been slightly modified:

So, what’s different?

new sticker

Extraction space Current sticker New sticker
Bathroom + toilet Bathroom Bathroom and toilet
Laundry room/Bathroom without toilet Laundry room Laundry room or bathroom


What will change for you as an installer?

No action is required, nothing changes for you:

  • Functionally speaking, the control module remains completely identical;
    everything is still interchangeable/compatible.
  • The price and reference remain unchanged.

What will change for your customer?

Absolutely nothing changes for your customer either.

New sticker launch date?

The Renson production launch of the new stickers is scheduled from about the beginning of July 2021.
Based on our projections, the first batch should be available in the market shortly after the summer holidays.

To gain additional insight into the full functionality of the installation app, we have added additional info screens. From now on, in almost every step in the installation process an info screen is available with additional info and tips&tricks.
The info screens can be accessed via the i symbol at the top right of the screen;

When you complete the installation, the option is provided to:

  • Link the device to the resident's home network via Wi-Fi
  • Check in to the My-Lio professional web portal

Via the language selection in the 'Settings' menu, you can now also choose to be guided through the installation process in Spanish. Olé!

You can consult this message again at any time via the menu 'Support' -> 'What's new'.