Demand-controlled E+ ventilation: a breath of warm air

With the Renson E+ system, demand-controlled ventilation is intelligently combined with an air / water heat pump. This installation recuperates the heat from the discharged ventilated air for low temperature heating and the production of domestic hot water. For the hot water, a tank of 300 liters is integrated into the system. The result is an extremely intelligent solution that not only guarantees customized healthy and comfortable ventilation but also provides domestic hot water and low-temperature zonal heating.

How does E+ work?

The E+ ventilation system combines the continuous supply of fresh air for dry living spaces (via ventilation grilles above the window) with the mechanical discharge of polluted air from wet rooms (via Endura, the central mechanical discharge fan). Just like the C+ system. Only, as the core of this system, Endura not only controls the ventilation but also recovers heat from the discharged air. The device consists of a ventilation unit, a heat pump and an integrated boiler tank. It recovers the heat from the ventilated discharged air for low temperature heating and the production of domestic hot water. The hybrid system works in combination with a conventional condensing boiler, which acts as a back-up when too little heat is recovered from the ventilated air or when the demand for heating or hot water is too great.

Ventilation according to need

Another major asset of E+ is the fact that dynamic sensors in the system constantly analyze the discharged air for CO2, moisture and / or VOCs. Subsequently, it automatically adjusts the ventilation level to the actual needs of the resident. In other words: thanks to this system, ventilation and heating are only provided when and where necessary for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. This provides an energy-efficient system you do not have to worry about.


E+ and E-level: one front

With an E+ system, your home meets the legal obligations with regard to renewable energy and you achieve a significant E-level decrease (up to minus 37 E-level points). Why? Because the demand-controlled ventilation and heating are intelligently integrated into one appliance and the extracted ventilation air is recuperated as a source of energy for domestic hot water and room heating.

Is the E+ system for you?

Would you like to ventilate and simultaneously heat your home in an efficient and energy-friendly manner? Then E+ is the affordable investment you are looking for in the field of renewable energy. Feel free to contact your Renson specialist for more information.


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