Industrial grilles: healthy air in your business place

Industrial grilles cannot be ignored in (or at) companies that want to invest in a healthy indoor climate. These grilles optimize the supply of fresh air and thus also the productivity and comfort at work through the benefits of ventilation. Moreover, the range of grilles is very wide, depending on the purpose of use.

Which grilles are right for your business?

So you have a great freedom of choice but which industrial grilles actually correspond to your business needs? How many would you ideally install? And what else do you need to integrate an efficient ventilation system into your business? Rest assured, you can ask Renson any questions you may have. Then make your selection from our high-quality range of industrial grilles.


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Types of industrial grilles

Depending on the sector in which you operate, the type of wall, the installation method or the amount of space, you can opt for wall, window or floor grilles, fire-resistant and / or acoustic insulating grilles, pressure guard grilles, the blades and so on. But the core remains the same: industrial grilles are indispensable in a ventilation system based on the natural supply of fresh air. Because one thing is certain: a healthy indoor climate reduces the absenteeism among your staff.

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Why ventilate?

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