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Horizontal window screens provide protection from bright sunlight on verandas, through skylights, and on the patio.


Topfix is a sun protection fabric with a revolutionary tensioning technique. This combination with the Fixscreen technology ensures unsurpassed fabric tension at all times, even without supporting rollers. Topfix can handle surfaces of up to 12 m2 thanks to its compact head box. Good to know: the fabric box can be mounted on top, below (for indoor applications), or even on the side.

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Topfix VMS

The Topfix VMS is a collaboration between Renson® and Velux. It is a specific sun protection system for Velux Modular Skylights.


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Topfix Max

With the Topfix Max, you can choose to mount the fabric box at the top or the bottom. Topfix Max can also be equipped with blackout fabric, up to 5 m wide and up to 30 m² in total.

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