Outdoor shades to make the most of the sun

The sun not only provides natural warmth in the home but sunlight also contributes to a better feeling of well-being.

But when the sun shines too brightly in the home or is too low for comfort, we must intervene. Outdoor shades or sunscreens on the outside of the house will help you actively enjoy your home all year round, while still maintaining the outside view.

Fabric awnings for vertical glazing

As a pioneer of sun protection fabrics, Fixscreen by Renson has years of proven durability and quality. The patented guide system and the zipper principle ensures extreme wind resistance, guaranteed for wind gusts of up to 80 mph.

Thanks to this unique system, the fabric always remains taut in the guides. With the screens closed, you also have the added benefit of discouraging annoying insects. Due to the various mounting systems available, Fixscreen fabric awnings are suitable for both new constructions and renovations. Dimensions up to 6 m wide or 6 m high, with a maximum area of 22 m2 are available.

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Vertical solar protection in combination with fresh air supply

Do you want to keep out the sun yet at the same time let fresh air in using a controllable method? Then Fixvent is the ideal solution with its acoustic ventilation grille and windbreaker combination in 1.

The fabric is wind tight in any position thanks to the Fixscreen technology. Fixvent can be perfectly combined with Fixscreen sun blinds and Invisivent air vents for a uniform look & feel.


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Outdoor shades for horizontal or sloped glazing

A skylight or veranda brings in a lot of sunlight, however, the interior should not heat up undesirably. Here too, external sun protection is a must.

Sunscreens, in particular, can be perfectly applied to horizontal or sloped glazing. Using this method, you can control the amount of daylight and solar heat at the push of a button!

Combinations with Velux® Modular Skylights are also possible within this product range.


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Shades for glass-on-glass corner windows

Minimalism has clearly taken over in contemporary architecture. RENSON responds to that trend with the Panovista (Max). These sun protection fabrics are unique solutions for glass-on-glass corner windows, which regular screens just can’t handle.

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Shades for your balcony

Are you getting the most out of your balcony? You will if you use Renson’s sun protection! Thanks to Renson, you can enjoy more privacy, avoid overheating, and be sheltered from the wind all year round.


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Outdoor shades for your pergola, patio cover or carport

Do you want to be protected from excessive sunlight, wind, or insects all year round? Wooden outbuildings, patio covers, pool houses, and carports can also be equipped with screens.

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Blinds for your conservatory

Is it unbearably hot in your veranda sometimes? We have the perfect solution for you. Discover the unique advantages of Renson veranda sun protection.

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Screens for a curtain wall

Curtain walls are becoming more and more common in contemporary architecture. The curtain wall has found its way into not only commercial buildings, but residential buildings as well. When using such large glass panels, it is important not to overlook interior comfort. Sufficient daylight inside is a good thing, but outdoor sun protection also helps to keep the indoor temperature under control.

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Why Renson shades?


An external roller shade not only ensures a comfortable indoor climate in your home, but also prevents annoying reflections or glare. For extra comfort, your external roller blinds can be fully automated, so the system always ensures the optimum temperature, even when you’re not home. A sun protection fabric prevents your home from overheating and you won’t have to sit in the dark. You will also be able to see outside!

Minimalist design

The look and design of our products are innovative. Seamless integration, concealed mounting parts, durable materials, and smart solutions ensure a perfectly finished product that can blend into any type of home.

Top quality and durability

Renson® is the European trendsetter in natural ventilation, outdoor sun protection, and outdoor living. All of our high-quality products are made in Belgium and are tested under the most stringent conditions. This enables us to guarantee optimum quality. Our network of well-trained Ambassadors ensures flawless service, installation, and after-sales service. Our professional approach extends to every aspect of our business.

Ultimate ease of use and maintenance

Our products are not only designed to be easy to use, but also to retain their characteristics for many years, day in and day out, under all weather conditions. That is why the products are also made from the most qualitative and durable materials, so you can enjoy them for many years after purchase – with a minimum of maintenance.

Easy and quiet operation

Operation of your sun protection screen is easy and comfortable

You have multiple options for the operation of your sun protection screen. You can opt for a simple operation using the switch or you can allow the sun protection screen to operate automatically depending on the intensity of the sun or wind. You can also operate the screen using the Somfy® Tahoma interface on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or even fully automated with pre-programmed times. So the operation of the sun protection screen is completely attuned to the needs of your home.

The Detecto motor stops automatically when an obstacle is detected

A screen equipped with a Detecto motor stops automatically when an obstacle is detected. This provides the screens with the best protection and ensures higher durability. Consumers will enjoy safer and more durable sun protection. They won’t have to worry about forgetting a broom leaning against the window, a toy under your sun protection, or your sun protection being blocked by frost. The detection system is also able to differentiate between an obstacle and a gust of wind.

Extremely smooth and quiet operation

Due to the ‘Smooth Technology’ of RENSON® blinds, the zip operates extremely smoothly and quietly in the zip guides. The unique wear-resistant layer in the zip guides makes the operation of your sun protection screen extra durable.

Result of well thought-out technology & development

RENSON® optimises its products in order to continuously improve their comfort, look, and durability. Pressure tests, wind tests, and weather-resistance tests guarantee the quality of the RENSON® Fixscreen® EVO. The Fixscreen® Technology in combination with the Smooth® Technology result in extreme wind resistance. Thanks to the ingenious zip system, the fabric is windproof in any position. Due to the edging, the symmetrical zip is positioned on both sides, and fully embedded in the zip guides.

Testing, under the observation of an independent laboratory, has shown that the Fixscreen® EVO is wind-resistant at speeds of up to 130 km/h in a closed position. This corresponds to a 12-Beaufort hurricane. This proves that the Fixscreen® EVO is one of the most resistant sun protection screens.

Your investment pays off for years

All the materials used are of high quality. You’ll enjoy many carefree years with your sun protection screens. RENSON® guarantees:

  • 5-year warranty on all defects arising from normal use and maintenance

  • 7-year warranty on the Fixscreen® Technology*

  • 10-year warranty on the paintwork of the aluminium parts

* zip stays in its guide and optimum adhesion of zip to the fabric

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