Loggia sliding panels: possible sun protection solution for all projects

Loggia sliding panels are a wonderful product: they prevent the effects of direct sunlight on warm days, yet you can slide them open in the winter and the seasons in between to enjoy the free solar heat in the home. Sliding panels such as these are executed in various materials and give you the privacy desired. Depending on the situation and your needs, you have the choice of no less than three different sliding systems: simple sliding (individual control), symmetrical sliding (two panels are interconnected) or telescopic sliding (two or more panels on a variety of bottom rails).

100 percent functional

Another great advantage of these sliding systems is the ease of use. You can opt for manual or motorized controls. In addition, they do not necessarily have to be used as sun protection. They can also have an added aesthetic value in the overall image of the facade – either via permanent installation or with a folding system.

Renson quality for Loggia sliding panels

We are firmly convinced of the quality of the Loggia sliding panels offered in various version: with aluminum (sleek) or wooden slats (warm and cozy), or with screens in solar-resistant fiberglass fabric. Depending on the desired shading and transparency, we can install the slats at different angles of inclination and with different slat sizes. In short, as a user, you have the last word. Will you be in the company of these sliding, dynamic 'housemates' soon?

Choosing is not necessarily losing

Whichever sliding panels you opt for, you will benefit from functional and aesthetic advantages for your home. It is true that all types have very specific properties concerning sun protection and transparency. That is why consultating a professional is never a bad idea. Our Renson distributors truly know the advantages of all the Loggia panels and, of course, we are happy to assist you. Let us know if you would like more information.


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