RENSON, trendsetter in sun protection, follows the trends in the architecture on foot. Invisible architecture is a new trend, which fits within the need for minimalism. With Panovista, RENSON is perfectly compatible with this evolution. This new development is ideal to be used for corner windows of glass on glass, where conventional screens do not offer a solution. The Panovista is a canvas blind for corner windows, where there are no permanent bothersome aluminium profiles or cables visible in the corner. Both sides of the system are rolled up or down at the same time and ensures the best protection to a living- or work area, without losing the view of the panorama around the building. This solution is integrated almost invisible in the architecture of the building. The box and side conductors could be hidden aesthetically and even the bottom slat disappears in the box if the screen is rolled up completely.
  • Surface-mounted: integrated with head box or head box integrated in construction
  • Dimensions up to 22.4 m²
  • Perfect for corner windows
  • Panoramic views are retained
  • Can be aesthetically integrated in building envelope
  • Can be combined with other Renson screens