DiCiadain 18 dhen Dùbhlachd 2019

The healthy house on the hill

A wooden, nearly zero-energy, passive house build on a hill, in accordance with the Feng Shui principles, that’s not something you see every day. Yet, the Czech Republic-based company Lucern Drevostavby creates such houses on a daily basis. It’s their mission to create healthy, environment-friendly houses where people actually feel good.

Passive house with ventilation system

Since it is not comfortable to live in a well-insulated, passive house without ventilation system, Lucern Drevostavby contacted our Czech client, Beam CR s.r.o.. They advised and installed a Renson ventilation system. The owner of the house really liked the idea of a heat-recovery system. So, Beam installed our Renson Endura Delta D+ system.

A Renson D+ system is a so-called balanced ventilation system with heat recovery. Instead of just extracting the polluted air (mainly of the kitchen, bathroom and toilet), the heat passes through a heat exchanger where 89% of the warmth of the extracted air is recovered.

D+, more than a D ventilation system

The Renson D+ system is more than a D system (hence the ‘plus’-sign). It is a smart ventilation system. The system contains detectors, which monitor the air quality 24/7. If polluted air is detected, the system will automatically remove it.

Unburden yourself with a smart ventilation system

The smart ventilation system unburdens the owners of the house. They can sleep on both ears, while the system does its job. When there are more people in the house, there will be more ventilation and the other way around: when everybody’s out, the system runs at its lowest level, which makes the system very energy-efficient. So, our smart ventilation systems ventilate, but only when you need it.

The owner stays in charge

However, the owner of the house remains in charge. Thanks to the smartphone app, the owner is at all times informed about the indoor air quality. Not only can he monitor the air, he can also increase the ventilation level, for instance, when there are a lot of people in the house.

The couple who lives in the house is happy with the result: “The indoor air quality is great. We can see what is filtered away and we can measure all the parameters, such as CO2 and VOCs. It’s just perfect”. The house offers the perfect balance between a healthy and comfortable living space and an energy-efficient, environment-friendly building.