13/09/2019 00:00:00

Case Study: Protecting the K-Tower against overheating in the summer

The dynamic sun protection provided by Renson’ proved to be the perfect match for protecting the 64 apartments and exclusive penthouse in Kortrijk’s K-tower against overheating in the summer, without having to compromise on the view outside.

Jelle Vandecasteele (technical director Koramic Real Estate). “It is not difficult to draw attention with a tower like this but equally there is a skill when it comes to ensuring attention to liveability and home comfort.”

“Sun protection was a logical choice in that regard,” according to architect Jacques Ceyssens (architectural firm Samyn & Partners), “because this allows us to use glass for most light. Originally, we were even considering extending the patchwork of cladding in fabrics in a range of grey tones. But in the end dark grey fabrics proved the best fit for the brushed aluminium sections in the façade.”

“With windows down to floor level in every apartment we had to look for suitable sun protection to ensure compliance with the EPB regulations. By blocking out the sun even before it can reach the glass, we opted for the most efficient way of preventing overheating. The north side of this building also features the same shade casing and guiding channels - here too, subtly integrated behind the cladding on the façade - although without any sun protection fabric. All a matter of maintaining a uniform architecture.”

A specific wind study was carried out for this project. This revealed that the Renson Fixscreens, for each of the 20 storeys of this high-rise, were fully compliant with the regulations in terms of wind resistance. ­Further evidence, according to the architect, that Renson was the ideal partner for this project as a pioneer for wind­proof fabric solar shading (up to 130 km/h).