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Summer-proof your home without air con

Do you remember the unbearable heat last summer? Are we going to face another summer like that this year? Given the number of sunny and warm days so far, there is a high chance. Once again, we will be turning up the air con. However, many people don’t realise that air con units are actually part of the problem. It may sound strange, but the combination of screens and night cooling offer a natural and very effective solution.

Summers are becoming hotter

Every year there are more and more hot days, and summers have been noticeably hotter in recent years. Last summer we had to deal with a series of heatwaves where temperatures shot through the roof. Scientists say that in the near future there will be a heatwave in one out of every two summers.

Overheating in houses

However, not only is the temperature becoming unbearable outdoors – cool air is also becoming scarcer indoors. The main reason is that we are increasingly improving the insulation in our homes. Building energy-efficient houses is good for the energy bill, but there is also a downside. 

One of the main drawbacks is overheating. Heat enters through the windows but is unable to leave the house due to the insulation. Once heat is inside, it stays trapped there for days on end. 


Air con - the solution or the cause?

Many people searched for a solution after last year. Air conditioning systems have been selling like hot cakes. This makes sense, as we are bombarded with them in shops. However, many people do not realise that air conditioning systems are at the root of the problem.

Air conditioning – only a short-term solution for heat

Air conditioning units bring cool air into your home, but they also discharge the heat outside. This means the units are real energy guzzlers. Not only are they expensive, but they also cause climate change to happen more rapidly. For instance, an air conditioning unit running at full power consumes the same amount of energy as 3 irons. In turn, this will lead to more and more heatwaves. This is how it becomes a vicious circle.

Solar shading and night cooling for a wonderfully cool house

Automated screens combined with good ventilation in your home provide a low energy solution for also keeping your home cool during the day. As we mentioned, the heat enters your home through the windows which get heated by the sun. By installing screens, you ensure that the sun is unable to reach your windows and so is unable to enter your home. In this way, screens can reduce temperatures by up to 10 degrees.

You gotta keep it ventilated!

To ensure that heat does not become trapped in your home, it is also important that your home is well ventilated at night with lovely cool night air. Since everyone would rather keep burglars and mosquitos out, we have developed nightcooling grilles. They channel a high flow of cool air indoors but keep thieves and mosquitos out because they have a mosquito net and are finished with aluminium louvres. These grilles can reduce temperatures by 5 degrees.


If you lower your screens in the morning and leave them lowered all day, you can enjoy a cool home throughout the day. You will not feel shut-in either as the screens are transparent. Discover further advantages of our screens here.