Wednesday 17 April 2019

Solar screens for your home: roll-down shutters or window shades? Compare them here!

In contrast to external solar screens, curtains are not an effective way of keeping your home cool. That is because as soon as the sun’s rays reach your window, they heat up the glass. This allows heat to enter. It can also lead to overheating in a well-insulated house as the heat gets trapped in your home. This can be harmful to health, particularly for young children and the elderly. 

That is why it is essential to block the sun before it reaches the glass. The best external solar screens can be used dynamically. In other words, you can lower them when you want, but you can also enjoy the sun’s heat in the winter. Roll-down shutters and window shades are perfect examples. They both score almost equally when it comes to blocking the sun. But how do you know which solution best matches your requirements? Read more about this here.

Prevent overheating of large glazed areas

Large windows have been a trend for several years. They are now an essential part of any modern home. Although they look great, their drawback is that the more glass there is, the faster your house will heat up. Renson’s window shades have the advantage of being able to shade windows measuring up to 22 m². Roll-down shutters cover slightly smaller areas.

Window shades – the most architectural solution

Naturally, people’s tastes vary, but in our opinion, window shades are the most architectural solution. This is particularly true for new-build homes and other modern homes with a sleek appearance. With window shades, the box and the rollers are discretely tucked away. When you retract window shades, you can barely see the window shades at all. Even when they are lowered, they seem to be an integral part of the building thanks to their sleek appearance and wide choice of fabrics and colours. Roll-down shutters, in contrast, are a lot more prominent and harder not to notice.

Keeping the sun’s rays at bay without losing your view outside and stopping light from entering your room

When you lower your roll-down shutters , you will not see anything at all, and the room will be pitch-black. However, if you have a nice garden, you can no longer enjoy it from behind your window. With window shades , it is different. They are transparent, which means you will always keep your marvellous view. Window shades block out the sun’s rays, but do not block the view outside or the daylight. If you have children who like to play outdoors, it’s always handy to be able to see outside. It means you will always be able to keep an eye on them and they will be able to play outdoors safely. 

A dark room enables you to get the best rest at night

A big advantage of roll-down shutters is that they darken your bedroom. This promotes night-time rest. However, fabric window shades are different. Although they block out the sun’s rays, they do not block your view outside. This allows light to enter your room from outside. One option is to install darkening window shades for use at night. They ensure that your bedroom is nice and dark. Sweet dreams! 

Ward off insects

Would you like to ventilate or cool down your house, but don't feel like having to walk around with a fly swatter? By lowering window shades, you can ventilate your house without allowing flies or other insects to enter!

Are you still unsure? Ask an expert for advice!

Whether you choose roll-down shutters or window shades , both are effective ways of keeping the sun at bay. However, in our view, window shades are a better match for contemporary living requirements. For instance, window shades allow you to continue enjoying your marvellous view outside and you do not miss out on daylight either. They have a sleek appearance which means they also combine perfectly with the architectural character of our modern homes. Do you have any further questions or are you still unsure? Or perhaps you can’t wait to enjoy all the benefits of window shades. Contact a Renson Ambassador in your neighbourhood now!