24 Mar 2020
We’re all tired of sitting around at home doing nothing, keeping well away from everyone else. And yes, we’re all looking forward to the end of the coronavirus (or should we be calling it COVID-19?) measures. Sadly, we’ll need to be patient a little longer, as the end is not quite in sight. To make your confinement a little more bearable, we’d like to share a few options and tips with you.
05 Feb 2020
Early spring is a bad time when it comes to nasty bugs and bacteria going around; the flu virus, for example, hits hard, as it does every year. Refreshing the air is not only essential for the sick person’s recovery, it is also very important to prevent the rapid spread of bacteria. Just opening the window for a breath of fresh air only has a short-lived effect; what we need is constant ventilation. We’re meeting that need with the Renson Healthbox 3.0, our smart, mechanical ventilation system.
09 Dec 2019
VOC or volatile organic compound is the umbrella term for volatile, chemical compounds that evaporate easily and are absorbed in the air. More specifically, these are substances that you can find in paints, cleaning products, detergents, etc. Those chemicals can damage your health. Keeping your house ventilated is the only way to keep it healthy.
Indoor climate quality has a huge effect on people’s well-being and productivity: a fact that cannot be ignored, considering that we spend 90% of our time indoors. Harvard University carried out a survey of 1600 employees at different companies, asking them which aspects made them happiest at the office. Indoor air quality, sufficient light, comfortable temperatures, and the option to personalize their work environment were the most frequent responses.