Window Vents Basic Tech Comm Online

Thu 03 November 2022
09:00 - 12:00
Online training
Microsoft Teams

Traffic nuisance due to road worksuntil fall 2022 for RENSON Academy in Anzegem.

Target audience

Sales team, showroom employee, sales manager,administrative employee, calculator


Window vents


You wish to better promote window vents to your customers.

During this training:
  • You will get to know the essential basic concepts of window vents
  • You will get to know the Invisivent Air/Comfort range
  • You will learn about window vents like the AR75, THM90, Sonovent, etc.
  • You will learn about the different mounting methods (over or through the frame, glazed-in, at transom)
  • You will get to know the different control options
  • You will get to know the product catalogue, price list and technical documentation
  • We will guide you to the available sources where you can find additional information
After this training:
  • You will be able to give targeted advice based on technical characteristics (specification) and suggest the best RENSON window vent
  • You will be able to convince the end-customers of the quality of Renson solutions
  • You know the necessary USP’s to reinforce your story
  • You have the necessary technical knowledge to learn how to use the e-REPS commercial platform

Required knowledge