We have louvres that are suitable for every application

Louvres can used in all types of buildings, from technical cabins and hospitals to factory buildings. Louvres ensure that fresh air can enter from outside and polluted or overheated indoor air can be discharged. Louvres are frequently used in the residential sector as the exterior finishing for a extraction hood, airing cupboard or a home air-extractor fan.

Louvres offer great added value as ventilative cooling (night cooling) to avoid overheating in a building. This means they are essential for keeping buildings functional and liveable.

Which louvre is suitable for your application?

Louvres come in many different varieties. Your preferred method of installation, and the levels of air-permeability and water-repellency are just a few of the factors which will determine your choice of louvres. Renson also has an appropriate solution where you have special requirements, such as burglar resistance or noise absorption. Our Louvres Selector has a user-friendly filter and calculation module that will help you to choose the right louvres from our extensive range.


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50 years of experience and innovation in ventilation louvres

We have over 50 years of experience in the production and development of high-quality ventilation louvres for all kinds of applications. This makes Renson a true trendsetter within the sector. We not only have wall louvres, but surface-mounted, window, door, and floor louvres in our range. And they’re all available in every possible size, shape, and colour!

Why ventilate?

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