Architectural solar protection: added aesthetic value and practical benefits

Architectural solar protection offers you a double advantage: it provides control over the incidence of direct light and has a strong aesthetic appeal. Architectural solar protection is structurally integrated into the exterior of your home so that both the design effect and the efficiency are timeless – regardless of the season, temperatures or (lack of) sunshine. In short: the perfect trump card for your external facade!

Various versions

Architectural solar protection is available in various models, which, without exception, are designed and installed to fit your project. For example, you can opt for a vertical system where the slats for the windows are mounted on supports anchored in the external facade. A horizontal execution is also available: here, we install the (possibly curved) slats perpendicularly to cantilever supports. Finally, sliding panels also fall into the category of architectural solar protection. These consist of an aluminum framework in which the slats are mounted or a sunscreen fabric is fitted.

Architectural solar protection in your project

Which type is best for your exterior? This depends on various factors: your taste and budget, the function and orientation of the targeted space(s), the window height and width … This is not an obvious choice, but we are happy to help you. As the specialist in solar protection (and ventilation), we know perfectly which implementation fully serves your project. You will definitely find the right match in our range. So, please feel free to contact us for an appointment or visit our showroom. Of course, your architect, facade builder or any other professional, for that matter, is also welcome!


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