Aero Canvas

The Aero Canvas is a bespoke patio cover that seamlessly integrates into new or existing constructions. The fixed roof has a minimalist design which is the secret to blending in attractively and harmoniously with your home. This bespoke patio cover consists of an upper roof made from robust metal that is finished underneath with the aesthetic Fixscreen. This type of canopy with a canvas screen is also completely watertight and has a soft and refined appearance. Whether you position the canopy in an opening or install it between two vertical walls, your bespoke patio cover will always be perfect right down to the last inch and correctly manufactured. Its sophisticated design means that water drainage is perfectly controlled and your canopy with a canvas screen will remain 100% watertight. Would you like to create more of an atmosphere under the Aero Canvas? Make it complete with stylish LED lights !
  • Can withstand heavy snow
  • Superior quality
  • Can be integrated into existing structures