Tuesday 05 November 2019

Pure architecture: The new IVC Group experience centre owes its pleasant indoor temperatures to Renson blades

We've recently installed Renson Icarus 480 architectural blades on the roof of the new headquarters of the Belgian company, IVC Flooring. However, these blades are more than solar shading, they also have an aesthetic and architectural purpose. 
The Belgian company, IVC Flooring, moved into the Flooring Development Centre, which is next to the E17 in Waregem, at the beginning of this year. The iconic building was thoroughly renovated into an inspiring place in which customers, designers, and architects from all over the world can get acquainted with IVC’s latest achievements in the field of floor design, innovation, and R&D. The IVC Flooring Group, which also has local production facilities, called on Belgian company Renson to supply the best sun protection system.

Architectural solar shading

The architectural Icarus 480 blades from Renson, which were installed on the sloping zinc roof, immediately catch the eye. The blades, which are the same colour as the roof, were placed horizontally over the full width of the existing roof lights.

Automated solar shading

In addition, they automatically open and close depending on the amount of sunlight coming in. This keeps the internal temperature under control and blocks out any disturbing light.

The project was a real challenge for Renson and installer Habemo, but they can look back on a perfectly integrated sun protection system.

Project: IVC Flooring Development Centre Waregem
Architect: Glenn Sestig

Supplier of Icarus 480 movable blades: Renson
Installer blades: Habemo
Photos: IVC Flooring