Monday 30 September 2019

Case study: ventilation makes the difference

Ventilation makes a huge difference between good and bad health; yet our houses have incredibly polluted indoor air. Formaldehyde, particulates and benzene all contribute to polluted air and we breathe it in and are unaware of the pollution. We become aware of this when the situation goes wrong because the problem becomes visible.

Polluted indoor air

In Brisbane, Australia, we were contacted by a couple that became ill, after they moved in into their new house. Only after they were hospitalized, doctors discovered mold spores in their bodies. The house was also examined and it turned out that there was a huge problem with indoor air. The air was strongly polluted, there was moisture in the walls and high CO2 levels were found. Similar to what the doctors discovered, a lot of mold spores were found in the house, which explained why the couple had become ill.

Smart ventilation

Our installer, Ventit, advised the customer to install the Renson Healthbox 3.0. The Healthbox 3.0 is a smart, mechanical ventilation-unit. The reason why we talk about a ‘smart’ ventilation system, is because the system adapts itself to the environment and conditions.

The system contains sensors that analyse the quality of the indoor air. The Healthbox 3.0 detects moisture, CO2, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds – like formaldehyde e.g.) and will adapt its ventilation level if necessary. In high polluted areas such as living rooms for instance the Healthbox 3.0 will increase the ventilation level.


On the other hand, when everyone’s out for work, the system will function on the lowest level. By adapting itself to the living conditions of the people in the house, the system is the most energy-saving on the market. Thanks to the Healthbox 3.0 app you can monitor the air quality in the house and adapt it if necessary.

In Brisbane, it was indeed the lack of ventilation in the house that caused the unhealthy living conditions in the house. As soon as the Healthbox 3.0 was activated, the couple’s symptoms disappeared: “I think we are starting to feel better and less humid during this horrible heat wave. The towels are drying in the bathroom for the first time ever.”

Healthbox 3.0, a positive change

Afterwards, the customer sent an e-mail to our installer, in which they stated that the Healthbox 3.0 changed their lives tremendously. To quote the couple they said that: “Every house should have this system installed, thanks to the healthbox we are feeling much better”.