Renson has chosen delaware as its long-term partner to realize its heralded SunRise Project, based on SAP’s S/4HANA. SunRise is set to be the trigger for granting Renson access to more precise data, allowing them to make faster, more informed business decisions based on high quality insights and further enabling future international growth and potential for innovation, while augmenting the service levels and improving the customer journey.
Today's challenge is to design homes based around the inhabitants' comfort. Renson is committed to providing an intelligent total solution comprising external sun protection and intensive ventilation to counteract the risk of overheating, taking into account the need for minimal impact on the architecture and design of the building. This and many other Renson novelties were shown at the latest edition of BAU München.
Every year we realize hundreds of ventilation, sun protection, facade cladding, and outdoor projects. From a Camargue pergola in your garden to a megaproject, such as the Abu Dhabi international airport.We would like to give you an insight into the projects we’ve realized in 2018. That’s why we launch a reference book with the most impressive and eye-catching projects.
This house is a demonstration of a healthy, sustainable way of living. Including a demand controlled ventilation system with the Renson Healthbox 3.0. Previous tests with Healthbox over there proved that a lot of energy could be saved while creating a better indoor air climate at the same time.
This home in Belgium was not only due some renovations; it was also in need of an extension. The next generation of residents decided to completely renovate their parental home and add an additional space to it. They couldn’t bear to wipe the original, traditional farm-style house slate completely clean, so they found the perfect compromise between sleekness and authenticity.
Renson is opening the Renson Concept Home just a stone’s throw away from its headquarters on the E17. Concealed behind the facade of this modern family home is a genuine test centre where the Waregem manufacturer can conduct and monitor experiments.