In Australia, the University of New South Wales launched an experimental project, which examined the detrimental effect of bad air on the behavior and learning abilities of pupils. They went even further by comparing a class without ventilation system with a class that had a ventilation system. The system that was used was our smart ventilation unit, the Renson Healthbox 3.0. The results of the research are too say the least astonishing.
Creating an oasis of peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle of an international airport seems too crazy for words, but the impossible was just what Atlanta Airport wanted. When they learned about Renson and our terrace coverings, they realised that that peaceful oasis was closer than they had initially thought. Atlanta Airport was amazed by the many options and possibilities of the Renson Skye and came to the conclusion that this should become an essential part of their airport lounge.
Ventilation makes a huge difference between good and bad health; yet our houses have incredibly polluted indoor air. Formaldehyde, particulates and benzene all contribute to polluted air and we breathe it in and are unaware of the pollution. We become aware of this when the situation goes wrong because the problem becomes visible.
Do you remember the unbearable heat last summer? Are we going to face another summer like that this year? Given the number of sunny and warm days so far, there is a high chance. Once again, we will be turning up the air con. However, many people don’t realise that air con units are actually part of the problem. It may sound strange, but the combination of screens and night cooling offer a natural and very effective solution.
On the 25th of april, only 10 Km away from the actual headquarters - and again - alongside the E17 motorway in Waregem, Paul Renson (Renson CEO) turned the first spade of earth to kick-start the construction of the brand-new Outdoor Experience Centre, Renson’s outdoor living flagship that is due to be fully operational by 2021. The building is set to become the ultimate international reference for a comprehensive garden experience.
It is essential to block the sun before it reaches the glass. The best external solar screens can be used dynamically. In other words, you can lower them when you want, but you can also enjoy the sun’s heat in the winter. Roll-down shutters and window shades are perfect examples. They both score almost equally when it comes to blocking the sun. But how do you know which solution best matches your requirements? Read more about this here
LIXIL and Renson are joining forces for the residential as well as for commercial outdoor living market. Together, they can convince people of the advances of their high quality outdoor living solutions enabling them to spend more time outside. As a result of this business alliance, LIXIL will launch the Renson’s Camargue Skye as the ‘GARDEN ANNEX’ under its EXSIOR brand in Japan in the fall of 2019.
The #WorldSleepDay shows how important our sleep is for our daily functioning. A good night’s sleep is extremely important to feel comfortable in your own skin. If you haven’t slept (well), you’ll feel tired, you’ll have headaches and you won’t be able to concentrate. Most people are not confronted with such problems, but if sleeplessness starts to appear on a regular base, the situation will become problematic.
The topics ‘health’ and ‘climate’ are becoming increasingly important in our society. Breathing clean and healthy air has become a matter of course and is considered as to be something that should be easily accessible for everyone. Visit the Renson booth at ISH Frankfurt and discover our total ventilation solutions. Those solutions are applicable to multiple environments, like apartments, schools, hospitals, etc. Our ventilation systems are almost noiseless and low energy consuming.