Renson supplied windproof screens of unprecedented size for the exclusive Gare Maritime project, which is part of the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels. The client came to Renson because no other manufacturer could meet the requirements. Renson created customised screens no less than 36 m² in size. These were installed at a height of 13 metres by Suncomfort, a Renson Ambassador. It was quite an accomplishment!
There’s been a marked rise in the promotion of ventilation as a preventive measure for minimising the risk of COVID-19 spreading indoors. That makes sense, since regularly refreshing indoor air in homes, offices, public spaces, schools, etc. dilutes polluted (and potentially contaminated) indoor air. Significantly fewer virus particles in the indoor air cut down on the risk of infection. 
Man was once an outdoors man, living in and with nature, in the open air… now however, we spend 90% of our time indoors…Yet we still feel better when we’re outside, at the beach, in the forest, in our own garden... So isn’t it about time that we return to the  ‘core’, to make more use of what nature has to offer us?