Linarte Installer Advanced

Thu 16 November 2023
09:00 - 16:00
RENSON Academy
Grote Leiestraat 207
8570 Anzegem

Target audience

Technical team, foreman, employee/ head workshop, installer




The training consists of a technical-commercial part in the morning and a practical session in the afternoon

During the morning :
  • You will get to know the Linarte facade cladding in detail
  • You will learn about the USPs and benefits for end customers and installers alike
  • You will know how to take measurements in such a way that you can make correct price quotations
  • We will guide you through the available sources where you can find additional information
During the afternoon
  • You will get acquainted with the principles of proper mounting/anchoring
  • You will learn the installation and finishing principles
  • You will learn the installation of a Linarte wall by means of an exercise
  • You will learn how to fit the Linarte accessories (Wood and LED inserts, technique integration modules)
  • You will learn how to clad a door and a sectionale garage door

Previous knowledge required


We reserve the right to cancel the training one week before the planned date if there are less than 5 participants registered. You will then automatically receive an invitation for the next planned date.

Maximum number of participants

To get the maximum result from the training, we deliberately limit the number of participants. The registrations are processed chronologically.


If you are unable to participate due to circumstances, please inform us as soon as possible. That way we can still admit other persons.